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Threats and Risk Assessment (TRA)

Know Your Cyber Risks and Protect Your Business from a Cyber Attack!

What is Threats and Risk Assessment?

Our Cybersecurity Threats and Risk Assessment (TRA) service helps organization’s evaluate current cybersecurity posture. Our team of experts will identify potential vulnerabilities, threat vector, likelihood and risks level associated to your digital footprint and provide you with a detailed report that includes a prioritized list of recommendations to mitigate those risks. Our assessment covers a range of areas including network security, Infrastructure, Cloud, data protection, and employee training, among others.

Threats and Risk Assessment

Key Benefits

Improved Understanding of Cyber Risks

Conducting a TRA help organizations to better understand the specific cybersecurity risks that they face, including the likelihood and potential impact of various types of cyberattacks.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Posture

Armed with the results of a TRA, organizations can develop and implement effective safeguards that address identified vulnerabilities and mitigate potential risks.

Better Decision-Making

With a clear understanding of your cybersecurity risks and the potential impact of those risks, organizations can make more informed decisions about how to allocate resources and prioritize their cybersecurity investments.

Stakeholder Trust

Demonstrating a commitment to cybersecurity by implementing Threats and Risk Assessments into the organizational governance process can enhance your reputation and build trust with customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

What you will get out of our service:


Executive Summary

A high-level overview of the assessment findings and recommendations for executive debrief.


Detail Threat and Vulnerability Analysis

A detailed analysis of potential cyber threats and vulnerabilities facing the organization, including an assessment of the likelihood and potential impact of each threat.


Risk Management Plan

Report will include prioritized list of recommendations for mitigating identified risks and vulnerabilities, including both technical and procedural solutions.


Mitigation Plan

A roadmap for safeguard implementation plan along with residual risk levels upon completion of the safeguards.

Secure Your Business By Proactively Identifying And Mitigating Cybersecurity Threats.

Why Hire Threat IQ?

Our risk analysts with years of experience can provide you with comprehensive Risk Assessment that can help you improve your overall cybersecurity posture, protect your data and assets, and ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your organization.


Our team of cybersecurity professionals has extensive experience conducting TRAs (Threat Risk Assessments) for a range of organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises, across various industries.

Actionable Recommendations

There is no such thing as "no risk". Our TRA report provides prioritized actionable recommendations for mitigating identified risks to a tolerable risk level.


Our TRA approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, considering your unique business requirements, industry regulations, and risk tolerance.